LUCI4ALL has no software license. It is a multi-platform app that works as a download and install, either via iOS iTunes App Store for iPhone or Google Play for Android, or via your broadcast station’s (secured) website or any other preferred URL.

Your contributors, reporters, influential guests and / or the common listener can all go live on radio, in studio quality, by simply using, for example, their laptop, iPhone or Android phone with an internet connection. The audio quality makes it seem as if they are at the radio station itself. LUCI LIVE4ALL is a great, user-friendly solution for live program formats where many different guests can contribute. They need practically no technical skills to broadcast live, as it is extremely user friendly.

Download LUCI4ALL Productinfo

Download LUCI4ALL Productinfo

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In short, the app works as follows: by downloading the free app via the App Store or your website or a specified URL, people can get a live stream connection i.e. access to a station’s public IP address for free. They only pay the internet charges. The broadcaster i.e. receiving party chooses the platforms for the app, creates the names and designs of the app buttons, pays a one-time setup fee and then a fixed subscription amount every month. Access will be granted by the broadcaster either at a time specified by the producer or on a first come first served basis. Stations can work with a host name and or even with a DNS SRV record so next to defining your IP address you can also add the port number to this. The streaming destination is preset by default to only 1 location, your studio, with high quality and low bitrate AAC-HE codec and a return channel stream for the contributor.

LUCI 4ALL enables live radio contributions from anyone, anywhere at any time, providing an extremely easy to use interface for the general public.

Features LUCI 4ALL

  • a custom made app based on your required name and design like your station’s logo or program you want to use it for
  • app availability is limited to your/one country
  • one-time setup fee for each chosen platform (iOS, Android, Windows or MAC available) with 1 (one) stream / destination by default
  • a monthly subscription fee of € 99,- per destination starting from the release date first platform, invoiced annually
  • additional multiple destinations / extra stations possible, invoiced additionally and annually from the release date of each platform ( € 99,- per destination)
  • extra feature available for recording while broadcasting live incl. playing this pre-recorded material during a live broadcast later, one-time setup fee


  • Technica Del Arte will specify the designing of your app button
  • Technica Del Arte can design your own total GUI against an hourly rate
  • Technica Del Arte will submit the iOS app for you in the iTunes App Store and or in Google Play, but limit the availability to your country only
  • Technica Del Arte has submitted various LUCI 4ALL apps for different broadcast stations and they were all accepted. However, we do not guarantee this as App Stores are free to change their policy and requirements at anytime
  • Technica Del Arte also develops recording customized 4All apps only – without the live streaming – which are also available on a subscription basis

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