Studio Quality Radio Production From Anywhere and Anyone Using Mobile Phones, Tablets and Other Devices.

Allow and secure free live contributions from anyone anywhere anytime to your station with a listing in LUCI GLOBAL.

Subscribe to one of our radio community app LUCI GLOBAL and invite guests to talk live with your presenters in superb audio quality. It is as if they are actually present in your studio.

Don’t miss out and get one of these custom made apps. Both are based on annual stream subscription and not license purchasing. The station pays one set price per stream per month. Downloads & Installs are for free and not restricted. So your guests only pay their own internet costs.

LUCI GLOBAL is a shared app worldwide. A lot of stations are listed.  LUCI GLOBAL guests need to select a station first before live broadcasting.


Any contributor, reporter, influential guest and / or the common listener with an internet connection can all go live on your radio, in studio quality, by simply using the LUCI Global app and choosing your station from the destination list. The audio quality makes it seem as if they are at the radio station itself. LUCI Global is a great, user-friendly solution for live program formats. People need practically no technical skills to broadcast live, as it is extremely user friendly. LUCI Global enables live radio contributions from anyone, anywhere, at any time to any broadcast station or internet radio just by pushing the ON AIR BUTTON

Download LUCI GLOBAL Productinfo

Download LUCI GLOBAL Productinfo

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The community radio app LUCI GLOBAL was launched at IBC2015 and is a custom made app based on subscription and not license purchasing. LUCI GLOBAL is an app for many different stations with various backgrounds who choose to become part of a global radio community and who would like to open up to a broad public in order to enable them to stream high quality live reports from anywhere in the world at anytime to their preferred station. Participating broadcast stations can add their address in the station list and in the directory required. They only pay a monthly fee as a subscription which will be invoiced annually.

LUCI GLOBAL is the Free app for contributors

LUCI GLOBAL is not a software license, but an app that works as a download and install for anyone who wants to contribute live to their preferred radio station. LUCI GLOBAL is available for all platforms: iOS, Android, MAC, Linux and Windows. LUCI GLOBAL has the same user interface as the LUCI LIVE Lite and LUCI LIVE SE app. The biggest difference from these versions is that LUCI GLOBAL is even more simple to use for the contributor, as they do not need to set up a connection, bitrate, codec or any other technical specifications. They just push one button !

Stations get listed in the directory of their liking. They send an invite to their contributors with instructions how to download and install the app. They can even get a security pin code in order to prevent unwanted guests coming in live. If you like to know how to get listed and or try out for 30 days :

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Studio Quality Radio Production From Anywhere Using Mobile Phones, Tablets

A major advance in cloud-based radio broadcasting was announced at IBC2015 with the unveiling of two new intertwined services. Together, they promise to change the way studio-quality remote talk, sports and news broadcasting is produced—with just an iPhone or iPad. LUCI GLOBAL® and Backbone Co-Host™are the two radio “backhaul” services introduced by Technica Del Arte BV and Backbone Networks Corp. When married together, they allow talk radio stations to produce live programming—contributed from anywhere in the world with the simplest of equipment and no physical infrastructure.

LUCI GLOBAL is a cloud-based evolution of the company’s popular LUCI Live multiplatform IP audio reportage software. LUCI GLOBAL enables a community of reporters, radio guests and co-hosts to contribute to broadcasts of any station listed in the LUCI GLOBAL directory, via 4G or Wi-Fi, using a free iOS app from the iTunes App Store. Upcoming versions will be available for Android and other devices.

Backbone Co-Host is a cloud-based radio backhaul and production service for the radio station that manages incoming feeds using Apple Mac-based producer/screener software. Co-Host allows multiple hosts, guests and reporters to conference with each other, and also with listeners who call into the station’s phone system (Backbone Talk™).

“We at Fantasy Sports Network use Backbone Co-Host and LUCI Global to connect live with our geographically distributed FNTSY hosts and field correspondents,” said Michael Cardano, Senior Business Administrator. “It’s amazing to get such crystal clear audio from remote events using just an iPhone.”

All participating broadcast stations are allowed a 30-day free trial. After this period subscription starts. Subscription fees will be invoiced annually.

Depending on the required connection type, the monthly subscription fee for broadcasters varies from € 49,- to € 99,- for one destination depending on the codec choice. Discount rates for more destinations per station can be negotiated.