manage your purchased or customized apps yourself and enable cross platform broadcasting incl. iOS for one set price.


Being a member of our Enterprise Licensing Program is the answer if you have purchased large and multi platform quantities of LUCI LIVE or LUCI CUSTOM licenses and want to manage these yourself in order to move your licenses around. You either pay once and buy licenses and a yearly subscription fee in order to manage these with your dedicated account in the LUCI License Manager; or you subscribe to both your app and the LUCI License Manager. Being a member means you can then deactivate and activate your licenses in order to change devices, platforms and / or users.


The strength of this program lies in the fact that when you have enrolled you can add apps and use all of them cross platform – i.e. for iOS, Windows, MAC, Linux, and Android – as it will work with a multi-platform activation code. This is also applicable to licensees for LUCI CUSTOMIZED apps, so between your (employed) reporters you can change and move your customized LUCI apps around.


You have an account in the LUCI License Manager (LM) where you have an immediate overview of the amount of licenses you bought. In the screenshot, which type  is diagrammatically represented and with which activation code your licenses have been used or remain to be used.

Benefits of keeping track of licenses:

  • Offers an up-to-date overview of all licences being used by employees.
  • Activations can be uninstalled, so that they can be transferred to other users, other platforms and / or other devices.

COSTS Yearly subscription (LM) and one-time buy apps (LLCIE)

The use of the License Manager is available for a monthly subscription fee of 100,- euros regardless of the amount of purchased apps and how often they have been used, moved, deactivated, etc. This amount is invoiced annually, in total 1.200,- Euros. This is a fixed price. The subscription costs will start from the date the multi-platform apps are bought. Subscription are tacitly renewed on a yearly basis unless subscriber cancels it in writing one month before the date of expiry. Subscription costs will not be reimbursed if terminated within the yearly subscription period.

  • Buy from 20 licenses price per license 249,- euros each (graduated discounts for large quantities applicable*)
  • License Manager account subscription costs 99,- euros a month (yearly subscription with 2 months’ notice before the end of the annual renewal date
  • 25+ licenses 5% discount (12,45 euro) 236,55 each
  • 50+ licenses 10% discount (24,90 euro) 224,10 each
  • 100+ licenses 15% discount (37,35 euro) 211,65 each
  • 200+ licenses 20% discount (49,8 euro) 199,20 each
      4,- euro from 200 licenses, price per user per month
      2,5 euro from 1000 licenses, price per user per month
      5.000,- euro unlimited licenses price per month
  • Prices are equal for customized or default licenses / apps.